Lester Bursley Miniatures taking pre-orders for Will

Lester Bursley Miniatures has started taking pre-orders for their first ever model: Will. Get your name on the list and be the first kid on your block with this mini when it comes out.

From the announcement:

Pre-Orders are now being taken for the first 250 copies of Will; the first of many 32mm models from Lester Bursley Miniatures. Set to ship on Aug 27th for $14.99 + shipping.

  • Acharnement

    Pretty nice miniature but I am wondering- is it painted? None of the images on the site show an unpainted miniature. $14.99 seems a little high.

  • Grindar

    Somebody hasn’t had to buy GW characters in awhile. But for instance average soda pop miniatures infantry is about $13 in my recollection and this fellow looks wider in the shoulders so about right pricewise.

  • YoungOlo

    Really nice sculpt, but scale seems a little odd. 40mm doesn’t fit any of the systems I know. Or is he meant to be a bully for 28mm?

    I like the model itself, the setting it seems to be set in (sounds like some post-apo skirmish game) and the personal approach in character description, adds a lot to the feel of the model.

    Keep it up guys, but pleaaaase do it in 28 milimeters!