Legends of Kalidasia Early War Bundle on sale

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Feb 24th, 2011
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Kalidasia Media Productions has a limited number of Legends of Kalidasia Early War Bundles available.

Early war bundle

From their announcement:

I’ve got a limited number of Legends of Kalidasia bundle deals to sell at ridiculously low prices. These sets are the best way to get started with Legends of Kalidasia. Each one contains:

  • The Rise of the Surakari 2011 Box Set
  • A Surakari Combat Force
  • A Heragul Combat Force
  • Both of the Fleet Packs.

If you are counting, that’s 16 miniatures plus a bunch of card stock tokens and stat cards. The retail price for this bundle is $150, but the sale price starts at $75 + Shipping.

  • Sisyphus

    I put this on watch to confirm my feelings. No one bought a single one.

    I got a bad feeling for the Legends of Kalidasia. I truly wonder that if you don’t make it look more professional you will have wasted your investment and your time. You might well have to spend some more money to get it off the ground.