Legendary Battlegrounds terrain and game boards now available

Legendary Battlegrounds has opened up their doors and are now taking orders for their terrain pieces and game boards.


From them to you:

We have created a pack of 4 boards, with got a playing surface of 32 “x 32”
Consists of 3 basic boards:
The Pond
Entrance to the Dungeon

And a special board
Urban Hills

In addition we include three stone walls Gift
The price of the complete set is 69 €
You can get more information on our online store (was translating to English)

  • blkdymnd

    Love the looks of the boards. But 16″ is a very awkward size for terrain squares. It’s fantastic if you only play on a 4×4 board, but if you play on a 4×6, it doesn’t really work.

  • Riquende

    I’m confused… where’s the link to the Kickstarter page? How can I buy this new product without being able to find it on Kickstarter?

  • Legendary

    Hello everyone.

    Greetings from Legendary Battlegrounds

    Thanks for your comments and for publishing a new about us.
    Our Crowdfunding campaign is over and now we have our products directly for sale in our online store.
    Please have a look at our video. A picture is worth a thousand words.


    Regarding the measures of the board, we are working on new boards to adapt measures to the typical 4×6 (48 “x72”). We are designing boards 16 “x 8”

  • surprize

    These look really nice.

    OP has a good point, but I think with the weight (I think ~20-25kg for a 4×4 board!) they perhaps aren’t going to be practical for a 6×4 board in any case? – Even if the tile size worked out your 6×4 board would weigh the same as a large child!!

    The 4 pack looks good value though at 69E, with shipping to UK being pretty much a flat rate though I’ll hang on and hope they make a couple more board variants, then very likely go in for a 4×4 for playing Mordheim, Freebooters Fate, etc.

  • Legendary

    You are right.
    Each panel weighs approximately 2 kg. But the result is durable, inexpensive and with a spectacular finish.

    We use wood, styrofoam & a layer of high-strength cast.

    Our goal is to create a game table 48″x48″ with 9 different boards.
    After we aim to create truly spectacular boards as a river,a dungeon …

    • surprize

      Thanks for the reply. They do look really nice. I think 16×16 is a great size personally, as 12×12 is too small and 24×24 is too big to store easily.

      I don’t think I’ll wait for all 9 variants to come out, I’m happy with one or two duplicates of the more generic options (i.e. crossroads) so once there are 6 or 7 variants I’ll be putting in an order for a 48×48″

      Congratulations on making a really nice product, I hope you have success.

  • Mananarepublic

    Great boards, will have to look back when the 2×2′ are available