Legend tells of a legendary swordsman whose sword skills were the stuff of legend

By Polar_Bear
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Jul 6th, 2014

GCT Studios is showing off the first mini for Bushido’s Wave 19 with a look at legendary swordsman Akio Takashi.



From the post:

Takashi Akio is a legendary sensei of the finest sword Gakko in Ryu. The majority of the Takashi line has learning under his excellent tutelage. Now in the twilight years of his life and with the need for all able body warriors to answer Hida’s call, Akio has put down his Bokken and stepped forward to offer his life in service to his lord. Still a fearsome warrior but the real advantage he offers any fighting force is his expert knowledge of combat. His ability to instruct the samurai around him with either a point to a chink in a seemingly impenetrable suit of armour to a swift reminder of the techniques he taught them on the dust training ring of the Gakko, he is another strong commander to join the Prefecture of Ryu’s ranks.

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  • Smokestack

    …and the legend on the map told of the legendary place where the legendary book recorded the legend of the legendary swordman and his legendary bard, John Legend, who sang a legendary tale about the legendary book while watching the legendary movie “Legend” starring the legendary Tom Cruise…

  • estrus

    That description reads like they tried hard to cram every word from the script of a bad kung fu flick in there.