Legacy Miniatures releases new Cadwallon Guild of Necromancers

Legacy Miniatures releases the the next wave of never released Confrontation models.

From their release:

Just as the very last Militia of Cadwallon got sold, here is another 6 never released Cadwallon Guild of Necromancers figures! Confrontation – Cadwallon Guild of Necromancers (6) Available exclusively from CMON On-line store.

  • Nightbee

    The graverobbers are pretty cool.

    How come these pictures are so much bigger than those promoting products from any other company?

    • TGN Ross

      It is just how the images are sized from the article. There are plenty of images that are larger sizes as well.

  • BaconSlayer

    Six figs. $70. $11.66 per, half of which are smaller, goblin-sized. Wow.

  • Repeter

    Ok, sorry if this comes off as personal, but when can we all move on from the pricing of Legacy Miniatures’ Confrontation line? They are expensive, we get it! Everytime these ads come up, all anyone talks about is “how dang expensive they are, blah, blah, blah…”

    I would like to re-iterate that in this case, one gets what they paid for–very nice, very limited and very expensive miniatures. I bought the Dirz piece awhile back during the X-mas sale and it is easily the nicest model in my very large collection of miniatures.

    If you have some extra dough on hand and want some great miniatures from a 99% dead game to paint, I totally recommend these. If you really need to scrape to pay rent or eat, don’t buy any–they are expensive!!

    All this said, these, like the Cadwe Militia, are really nice looking. Good job, all.

    • Nightbee

      If people feel that the price is the most interesting thing about these models, it’s really not your place to dictate when that point becomes overstated. Glad you’re happy with the stuff you bought on sale, though.

      • Repeter

        Yes, you are right, except since it is my opinion and this is an opinion blog, I figure it is my place to express how boring I find the same ole opinions. I am mostly kidding really, and not looking to crush anyone.

        I do, however, wish people would look at what these actually are and who is making them so they would understand the pricing. I could go on about this, but this isn’t the spot to do it and people should probably do their own research if they want to understand something.

        And Nightbee, I’m not ‘happy’ about the $100 model I got–I’m ecstatic. 😉

  • KelRiever

    I’ll buy these for this price. They look good to me.

  • Trent

    Nice stuff…and still cheaper than:
    GW Finecast
    Kingdom Death

    • Seconded. Alas! Last time I mentioned Finecast prices versus Legacy’s ; It almost turned into a flame war due to TMFB counterattack ^^
      Also encoutered the same epidermic reactions when making a price comparison of the 10-12 main miniature lines on the market a couple of years ago.
      Our hobby is a passion (so price are not considered through a rational point of view) and internet is a place where anonymous egos tend to push themselves forward…
      Moreover all “rackham related” products tend to attract old bitter reflexes ; such was the amount of disappointment Rackham provoqued in their customer base.

  • Jeremy

    All BaconSlayer said was “Wow.” Not exactly worth getting worked up over.

    How about this: I never played or bought Rackham, so I don’t have any bad blood with them. I don’t hide behind the anonymity of the internet; this is my name. I still think the price is way over the top for what you get. Same goes for all Finecast products. I don’t like that you have to buy them all and can’t get them individually. I don’t care if they are limited edition, or have great stats in a game, or have a brand name on them. They aren’t worth it. My opinion does not come from ignorance or lack of “research”. I know what they are and where they came from, and they aren’t worth it to me. I’ll be happy to keep saying so if I feel like it.

    If someone else thinks that all that “limited edition” and “lost miniatures” sales pitch is worth the price, then by all means buy it and praise it. I won’t tell you your opinion is ignorant, and I won’t tell you that I’m tired of hearing you go on about how awesome they are.

    Now for my completely legitimate opinion: The models don’t wow me. They might have been pretty good a decade ago, but now look pretty common. The presentation is awful. If you want to sell someone on the exclusivity of an item, you could at least invest in a good paintjob. Forcing you to buy them as a set makes them even less attractive. I might would consider a single model at $12 if there was one I liked, but I’d have to love them all to drop $70. The price isn’t too high for a model. I’ll gladly pay as much for one from a small business such as Hasslefree or Red Box Games. It is just too much for these miniatures.

    • Repeter

      Sorry, you sort of lost me at “I’ve never played or bought…”. These miniatures aren’t for you, obviously. No harm, no foul.

      When you use quotes from my last post, I assume you rebutting my post, so I’ll just shoot this off quick: This is an industry supported by people buying expensive little things out of love, whether for a game or a model. These guys at Legacy aren’t getting rich off these, and if I can help them support a game I have played and bought (and loved), it is completely worth it.

      There is so much negativity in our little industry and it is a shame. We are a tiny niche of the world and it would be nice to see more understanding

      For anyone that doesn’t see the quality of the Legacy miniatures, I wonder what you do think is quality. I challenge anyone to find cheaper miniatures made out of better material, sculpted as well, or even packed as well. I buy miniatures from so many lines, my comparison pool is fairly large–and the new Confrontation stuff stands up today, just as it it did “a decade ago”.

      • Jeremy

        Sorry, I wasn’t replying to you specifically, but anyone telling people to keep their opinions to themselves. Everything started because one person mentioned the price and said “Wow.”. Seems like very little to get bothered by.

        I just mentioned that I haven’t played the game to show that I wasn’t putting them down based on bitterness. I agree there is too much negativity around, which is why I gave clear reasons why I didn’t feel the miniatures were worth the price, as well as saying that I don’t mind if others feel differently. I don’t think that was negative. But I do feel like telling other people to keep their opinions to themselves is negative, as well as the condescending tone of some of the statements (implying that people who don’t think the models are worth the price are either ignorant, bitter, or otherwise lacking in judgement).

        I liked Rackham models when they came out. I have many friends who own them. They were very nice. At the time, they were leading the pack and I still believe that they raised the bar on wargame sculpts. But these Legacy models are often ones that were never released. Maybe they realized they weren’t up to their usual standards. I’m sure none of us really know why. What I do know is that I don’t think they are that great, they look dated to me, and they are presented horribly for something being sold as a luxury item.

        As for your challenge, I think anything sculpted by Tre Manor at Red Box Games, or Kev White at Hasselfree, just to name a few, is a better sculpt, in a better material, at half the price. That’s my opinion.

        I also know that I won’t fault anyone for having a different opinion. I won’t tell them to stop talking about how great this Legacy stuff is, and I won’t try to belittle their knowledge or judgement. Each to their own.

        • I agree on one point : packaging can be an issue (it was mostly the case with the previously released Acheronians box with half models being quite common in players’ collections).
          On the other hand I’m not sure the price would’nt be higher for a single figure packaging. Usually LE, small runs, single models, individually packaged are a bit more expensive than 12 bucks.

    • “I might would consider a single model at $12 if there was one I liked, but I’d have to love them all to drop $70. The price isn’t too high for a model. I’ll gladly pay as much for one from a small business such as Hasslefree or Red Box Games. It is just too much for these miniatures.”

      Well Legacy is a SME too.
      Anyway. That’s were well argued comments do clarify points are spare us useless debates.
      You don’t like this minis so you will not afford you to buy some. Moreover you’ve never been a customer for R-e products so you don’t have use form them even if it was not for painting.

      Basically BaconSalyer just criticised the price of the minis.That’s it that’s all. Well Thery’e on the standards for saml resin runs made by SMEs on ou niche market.
      Saying Leagy is expensive is true, as are any comparable SMEs, as is GW with Finecast and as is most of our hobby. Are they more expensive than comparable trademarks : no.

      • Sorry. Lots of typos. Didn’t have time to check my post before posting. Wish I had an edit button.

  • number9

    Keep releasing Cadwallon concept stuff and I’ll keep buying it. So will enough others it seems. Now queue up Viress, Iraem, Souffre Toille and 2 more wonderful Cadwe things I’ve never seen and take my money!

  • Soulfinger

    The real equation is money versus time. If you have the money, enjoy it on what you like. If you have more time than money then it’s more productive to use a 40% off coupon at a craft store for a $2 block of oven bake polymer clay and enjoy the sculpting side of the hobby. Alternately, lacking any sculpting skills, you can use that time complaining about the prices of miniatures on Internet forums. Man, these guys are expensive!

  • Repeter

    Please find where I have belittled or begrudged anyone? I had an opinion and stated it, with levity, not malice. I don’t think I have been bothered at all, really. It seems some of you folks have, however. I do apologize if that is the case.

    Look, I’ve been around here awhile and I can be a little sarcastic. This doesn’t always translate on the web, but I don’t really care. If you want to get offended that I think the haters of this line aren’t seeing clearly, go ahead. I am just looking for some friendly banter. Anyone implying I am condescending, or that I am looking to stifle anyone else’s argument is offbase and, imo, being too serious.

    Roll some dice, yo–you’ll feel better.

    • Jeremy

      Everything you say drips of condescension, especially you last remarks. Since you want details, I will give you some quotes:

      “wish people would look at what these actually are and who is making them so they would understand the pricing.”

      “people should probably do their own research if they want to understand something.”

      “For anyone that doesn’t see the quality of the Legacy miniatures, I wonder what you do think is quality.”

      “…being too serious. Roll some dice, yo–you’ll feel better.”

      And on and on, including the bits about how many models you own, and how much money you’ve spent, which in context seems to indicate that you fell that people who haven’t bought as many models can’t have an opinion on these. Oh, and calling people “haters” if they disagree with you. All in all, your comments are condescending because you imply that other people don’t have the knowledge you do in miniatures, or else they would surely agree with you that these are the finest things the money has to offer.

      But you are right that it is hard to get across tone in print. We all suffer from being misunderstood from time to time online because of it. Maybe if we were all having this conversation in person we would get each other. I assure you I am not upset or angry. I just call them like I see them. If I think models are outdated and overpriced I will say so, as often as I like. If I think someone is being condescending, I will say so as well. I don’t know why you care if other people think this stuff is crap. You seem to like it. So buy it and be happy. I won’t stop you. I won’t tell you that if you ‘really understood anything about miniatures, you would think these are crap too’, either.

      I doubt any more discussion would help at this point, so I’ll let that stand as my final word. Maybe you’re as condescending as you sound. Maybe you are and don’t know it. Maybe you’re the nicest guy in the world, who’s laid back tone doesn’t translate to typing well. I’m not here to talk bad about you or paint you negatively. I’m just differing in my opinion over some toy soldiers, and calling out rude behavior where I see it.

  • number9

    Wait, rudeness and calling out rudeness on my internet? Jij zal niet passeren! The only solution is more Cadwallon faction miniatures from Legacy. That way I can keep spending my money on them because there isn’t much else in the miniature world right now that I NEED to spend my money on. Reason doesn’t factor! I am an unabashed fanboy.

  • KelRiever

    Well, whatever is going on, all the miniatures sold out as of tonight. They’ll probably add more, but that was, what, under 3 days?

    I think the great hope is that all of this does, eventually, get less expensive. But I think that would have a lot to do with Legacy’s success and the demand for Confrontation. With this batch, at least, it looks promising

  • Osbad

    If people are prepared to pay that amount for toy soldiers, and it is economic for Legacy to operate at that volume of sales, then good luck to them.

    Sadly they are too rich for my wallet, but its good to know that the characterful sculpts haven’t disappeared off the face of the earth following the demise of Rackham.

  • number9

    Just a quick observation I had, confirmed on another forum; The all seeing eye and the grave robbers/diggers I don’t believe were supposed to be a part of the Guild of Usurers. My recollection from the background material is that they were in the same grouping as the Cadwe undertakers, and generally a benevolent force. The primary role of which was to make sure the dead in Cadwallon STAY dead and buried so that the city is protected from the spread of Sophet’s undead minions. It is curious to me that whoever is designing the card rules has chosen a different interpretation. Any insight into why?

    • Nightbee

      It’s a fan (or fan-turned-pro) who is designing the new cards, I believe. I remember reading his commentary on the hydra on some forum, but now I can’t remember which.

      I guess this isn’t an incredibly helpful message, but maybe someone else can point out the forum in question.