League of Extraordinary Gamers reviews Counterblast rulebook

By Polar_Bear
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Oct 6th, 2014

League of Extraordinary Gamers gives us their thoughts on the Counterblast rulebook from Bombshell Miniatures.



From the post:

Hello there ladies and gentleman (or should I say dolls and cats?), and welcome to an LXG Book review. Today we’re going to get to the nitty gritty of the Counterblast rulebook from Bombshell Miniatures.

Counterblast is a bit unique as far as the game itself. It is set in an alternative mid-twentieth century, where atomic testing ushered in visitors from other worlds. The game is soup to nuts a re-visitation of the classic days of pulp era science fiction, with just a touch of a modern flare involved.
– See more at: http://lxg-blog.blogspot.com/2014/10/book-report-counterblast-rulebook.html#sthash.fzdbFfal.dpuf

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  • odinsgrandson

    Aw- I was hoping for something that would go into mechanics and gameplay…

  • The Beast Rampant

    Why on Earth would a rules review do that?

    God save me from more black-on-grey-with printing with “thematic” background. Wake up, guys, that crap is hard to read. And sooo 90’s!

    And speaking of fuchsia on black, “flare” is a homophone.

  • Geek Of Spades

    Don’t worry gents, we’ll have a video review going up in the next few days. We’ll certainly go into details on mechanics(at least as in depth as we ever do) and other stuff as well.


  • Don’t worry, we’ll be going into great detail about the rules in another article. This one was strictly about the book, as the rules are technically available without it. Is it worth spending the money on the book when you can get the rules in free pdf downloads? Some people want to know those things.

    For my money, I like having the backstory to read at least once. That being said, $28 is a steep price for just a readthrough ($18 if you didn’t get the free pdf during the Kickstarter).

    • Soulfinger

      I was thrilled by a lot of the details that you gave — thumbs up for paying attention to grammar — but you did leave out some important things for a review strictly about the book, like binding (I’m assuming perfect bound, but mass market doesn’t hold together near as long as trade) and a guesstimate at paper weight (the difference you feel and see with 20# versus 24# printer paper). Also if the cover has that lousy gloss laminate that so many books have these days (thanks POD), which starts to peel away with slight wear. I certainly would not pay $28 for saddle-stitched or mass market perfect bound with 20# paper in an 80# gloss laminated cover, for example.

      For nostalgia though, they could have done high contrast B&W on newsprint for under $5. It’s hard to capture pulp style without cheap paper.