Lead Adventure Miniatures opens for business

Alexander Bews, owner of the Lead Adventure Forum, has started a new miniature company called Lead Adventure Miniatures.

Street Judges
Street Judges

From his announcement:

Over the last months, I haven’t been very present on the forum. The reason for that was that I’ve been very busy preparing the start-up of my miniatures company, a venture which turned out to be one of the most interesting and important projects of my life. It was a lot of really hard work, but I’m happy and proud about the result. Obviously, I hope you’ll like it too.

I’ve decided to name the company after our forum – “Lead Adventure”. Not just because it’s a cool name, no, there’s more to it. It encompasses my wargaming philosophy, and the way I feel about it – individuality, creativity and imagination, all defining qualities of our beloved Lead Adventure forum. These principles should be the cornerstones of the philosophy of Lead Adventure Miniatures.

The first releases of Lead Adventure Miniatures:

The Last Project (Post-Apocalyptic Range)

  • PA-01 Tunnel Cutthroats
  • PA-04 Street Judges
  • PA-07 Igor and the Red Gang
  • PA-08 Red Vultures

Victorian Sci-Fi (Steam-Punk)

  • VSF-01 Bonnie and Clyde
  • VSF-02 London Bobbies
  • VSF-03 Deep Dive Day
  • VSF-04 Guns with many barrels
  • VSF-05 Queens Engineers

Lead Adventure Forum Exclusive

  • LAF-01 Prof.Witchheimer
  • LAF-02 Grimm, the Fisherman