Latest Releases Now Available From CMON

As the sun rises on a new month (ok, that was yesterday, but go with it), CMON is bringing us some new releases, including the highly-anticipated Rising Sun board game, as well as 3 of its expansions. The game, created by the same team that brought you Blood Rage, puts you in charge of a Clan in Japan where the Kami have decided it’s time for a change. But which Clan will be able to form the new government in its image? Along with that, there’s 6 new Wrath of Kings sets, 2 each for Goritsi, Shael Han, and Nassier.

From the post:

As this cold and blustery March comes to an end, we’ve got some exciting new releases available. Today, the Rising Sun core box and several expansion sets are available in your FLGS. We also have a new crop of Wrath of Kings box sets that you can pick up now.