Latest Releases For Batman Miniatures Game Available from Knight Models

Nana-nana-nana-nana, nana-nana-nana-nana, Batman!
Knight Models has posted up their latest releases for the Batman Miniatures Game. Though this time around, there isn’t specifically a (goddamn) Batman mini, there’s plenty more for you to look at. As for extras, they have a couple token packs, as well as some lamp post terrain pieces and some sewer lids.

While there is no (goddamn) Batman mini, you do get an Arkham Knight, a Talia Al Ghul, a Scarecrow Militia, a Militia Brute, the Wonderland Gang, and the aforementioned tokens and terrain. You can pick all of those up in the Knight Models webshop now.


  • Boomer Adama

    What is this Arkham Knight — so he’s not a Batman variant? A comic character or something just for this game? No fluff info at all in their store.

  • The_Lathe

    He’s the baddie from the video game ‘Arkham Knight’. Knight Models primarily make models based on the Arkham video games series, with a few comic and movie variants.

  • Tam Song

    Nice, but a shame they’re 35mm