Latest pre-releases available to order from Spartan Games

Spartan Games is taking pre-orders for their latest group of Dystopian Wars releases.


From the announcement:

Following on the new Dystopian Wars Naval and Armoured Battle Groups, July sees the launch of new Aerial Battle Groups that are optimised for play with the v2.0 rulebook.

A reminder that all existing Naval, Armoured and Aerial battle groups are fully compatible with the v2.0 rules. We have ensured that ALL models in Dystopian Wars are carried across to the version 2.0 rule set and are fully supported.

Stock of these releases will be shipping to our sales partners from July 16th

  • odinsgrandson

    The images really don’t work in thumbnail, but the large versions look nice. Especially the Prussians.

  • tuco

    I just picked up the 2.0 rules. They’re certainly an improvement over the original and 1.1 rules, but they still seem a bit overly complicated in some areas (how many rules and acronyms do I need to memorize to use the small fighter planes?). Still, these are some of my favorite miniatures. They’re fun to paint and reward lazy painting techniques like drybrushing.

    • Soulfinger

      I’ve been thrilled with the figs I’ve collected so far. They have a nice, substantial heft to them, the detail is pretty good, and the designs are decent. Add to that some of the best customer service I’ve experienced with a game company. Now I just need to find someone willing to play the damn game with me.

      Does 2.0 incorporate the Armored Clash rules so that you can do land/air/naval combat all together?

      • tuco

        No, it appears that Armored Clash is still it’s own beast.

        More than any other game I play, this one is about maneuvering. I play Warmachine and Hordes because I like that at its heart it’s resource allocation. I play Dystopian Wars because I feel that at its heart it’s all about maneuvering (especially the air and even more so the naval components of the game). And I play GW games because I like to be incensed and feel righteous indignation as a consumer.

        My main problem now is selecting a single faction. They’ve all got something that appeals to me model-wise. It does seem like more than when I started playing, which was a couple weeks after the 1.0 rules were released, that the factions have developed much more individual playstyles than they had at the outset. But that could just be my own interpretation rather than any real differences.

        • Soulfinger

          Ha! I love your reasons. I picked the French, but mostly because I liked the look of the land units that were on clearance at the time. I have my eyes on the Italians though. I like those models a lot.

  • grimbergen

    This is a trivial issue, but it really bugs me and is one reason I’m not able to get into the game – why are the aircraft sculpted on plates and then that image reinforced even more by being put in trays with that design instead of the clear base stands that large airships have. I can understand that being in the very first release, but after all these years.

    • tuco

      This is just a guess, but I think it’s for a couple of reasons. One is that the rules require a fair amount of record keeping for the small based units of planes and infantry. One of the easiest ways to do this is using small dice and setting them on the base to use the pips to keep track of stuff. The other is the size of the models themselves. Were they to be individual models they’d be pretty small. They’re about the size of the nailbed on your pinky. I could see me losing them, and also I don’t know how sturdy the resin would be in those sizes. While the resin Spartan uses for their models is pretty durable in the bigger pieces, it’s still pretty brittle where it is its thinnest. As stated, though, this is just a guess.

      • Soulfinger

        For all of the stomped on Epic figures that I have, I appreciate the durability that comes with having the smaller figures sculpted to the base even if I’m not crazy about the look. I think they are doing it because it makes for much easier casting in cheaper single-sided silicon molds.

  • mathieu

    I’ve always like the idea of this game and the look of the models, but for some reason I was put off by the way the 1.0 rulebook is written. I’m not sure what it was, perhaps I should have a look at the new edition…

    About these pictures: did the French get a design change? I seem to remember them having smoother lines.

    • Soulfinger

      Not sure about the changes with the French, but their SG rulebooks are uniformly awful for layout. It is one of their weaknesses as a company. Great customer service, good models, decent rules, horrible layout and editing. I’ve been told that the newer editions are an improvement though.