Late Pledges Open for Dark Souls from Steamforged Games

By Polar_Bear
In Board Games
May 19th, 2016

We don’t always talk about late-pledge opportunities for games, but this time around, we’ll make an exception. If you weren’t able to join in on the Dark Souls Kickstarter campaign, this is your chance now via the Late Pledge campaign over on the Steamforged Games website.

This is your last chance to get, for £80, what will cost you over £195 at a retailer later. This is also your chance to use PayPal for the purchase. This is only going to be up for a limited time, so you’d better hurry.


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I was born at a very young age. I plan on living forever. So far, so good.

    They left out almost all of the enemies I would want as miniatures.

    • Expansion material?

      Having never played the video game (the last video games I played regularly were Burnout II and FFXII), I wouldn’t even know what was left out.


        I hope so. If the game lives on past the Kickstarter, I keep an eye out for the expansions.

        The boss I wanted the most was Sif, a giant wolf holding a giant sword in its mouth.

        The regular enemies could have included undead dogs, rats, basilisks (frogs), various demons, harpies, mushroom men, serpent men, plant men, etc. Instead there are several knight variants. They still left out IMO the most iconic knights in the game: black knights, and darkwraiths, which are knights from a faction the player can join.