Last week for Agnostic Giraffe on Kickstarter and models are coming in

Agnostic Giraffe has just a little over a week left on Kickstarter. They’ve also started getting some models into the shop and are showing them off.

From the update:

Still plenty of stretch goals to be unlocked, but the bundles are selling quickly.

  • 4tonmantis

    It’s nice to see they got some test models done. The video they did is not very reassuring when a. you realize how young these guys are, b. they don’t seem to take this seriously, c. until recently, there was literally nothing tangible to show.

    It would be nice to know how these guys are going to go about casting this stuff and see an example of their cast products. While that may not be realistic within the time constraints of this campaign, I think it would help people who might be under the impression that these guys just downloaded a 3d sculpting package and sent the model to Shapeway will be able to rest knowing that these guys do have the entire process mapped out and aren’t just some guys making it up as they go.

  • Markheim

    That “studio tour” was hilarious. I want to hang to hang out with these guys.