Last Saga Beta Rules (in Spanish) posted

Rocket Games has their Beta Rules for Last Saga up online for you to download.
Direct download link to pdf is here.


From the announcement:

From Rocket Games we present the beta version of “Last Saga” manual, available for download in the following link here.

This is the Spanish version; English is being corrected and will be available as soon as possible.

We want to let the community know the system, how a game and its mechanics works. The manual is a printer friendly version, and will be subject of corrections and some modifications, but gives a complete idea of how we want games to be.

Aditionally, Recruitment Cards, Markers, Counters and templates, will be released in the next days, to be used on the first tests.

Any question, doubt or critic; we have an email available specifically for the manual: On another vein, the Phantom’s render is almost done; it only needs a few details more. You can see its progress on our Imgur gallery. Also the concept art of the first unit of Uruhvel race is also there, hope you like it!