Large Wooden Badger from Miniature Building Authority

Miniature Building Authority have added a Large Wooden Badger figure to their online store.

Large Wooden Badger

From their announcement:

After years and years of customers asking about the Large Wooden Bunny on the display table at the conventions, we have created a Large Wooden Badger for your gaming needs. This is from our new Direct line of Terrain. Direct items are only available from our on-line store and at conventions.

This is a kit. It does not come painted.

The top is removable to allow you to hide your favorite King Arthur Knight. Also, it comes with an additional head (not shown) to give you a choice on which fuzzy woodland creature you desire to make.

DIR-020 Large Wooden Badger $29.95

You can find the new Badger and all of our Direct Terrain line of products. These are only available from Miniature Building

Merry Christmas

Kirk Stephens
The Miniature Building Authority