Lap Dance by Artipia Games up on Kickstarter

Artipia Games is running a Kickstarter for Lap Dance (CinemaSins can’t ding this one for not having one), their new card game.
And there’s no nudity, but it may not be the best thing to be looking over at workplaces. But I think the above photo should be alright.


From the campaign:

Lap Dance is a game designed by Anastasios Grigoriadis and Panagiotis Tsirogiannis. In Lap Dance, 2-4 adult players compete in getting the job position of “Club Manager” in the most prestigious strip club in town. To achieve that, they will need to make sure each customer walking in to the club leaves with a big smile on their face. Each customer has different desires (Dancers, Drinks and various Luxuries) and places a number of orders. Players try to fulfill those orders as well as possible. To achieve that, every player has access to different dancers, drinks and luxuries as well as the help of a personal assistant. If things get rough, favors can be asked from other Staff members of the club.

The Game has been marked as 18+ only because of its theme. It contains no nudity. The artwork is limited to sexy outfits.

  • Where is Soulfinger at times like these?

    • I’ve not seen him since the website update, actually.

      Maybe he was actually a bit of code that’d attached itself to the old site?

  • blkdymnd

    His mind may have exploded from the sheer number of possible replies. This one may be way too easy for him.

    • I suppose the other possibility is that he is composing an epic on the subject as we speak.

      It could be his life’s work.

  • estrus

    This would be a perfect compliment for that Divorce game.

  • entil_zar

    I played it at the SPIEL in Essen this year, it’s actually quite fun and a lot less sleazy you would expect…not quite for a kids birthday party but with some (somewhat mature) gamers…