Labyrintus update

Victoria Lamb has sent along an update on the status of her Labyrintus fantasy boardgame.


From her announcement:

It’s been a long time between updates. Big thanks to all the Labyrintus supporters for their amazing feedback and encouragement, and a big welcome to new subscribers.

2010 will see Labyrintus take some big steps forward. In early 2010, thanks to the generous assistance of South Australian gamer Ryan Taylor, we will have available a downloadable 2D version of the complete game. The purpose of this 2D version is to make it easily accessible for play testing, feedback and further rules development. It will also look nice and be fun to play ; )

Following the 2D version, are plans for Labyrintus’ first production run. This is a huge project, to solidify the rules and produce the game with the high quality of the original is a great challenge. Production negotiations are currently in progress. At this stage the first edition of Labyrintus is planned for an extremely limited release of only 20 sets.

Here is a little Christmas bonus, exclusive to the mailing list, the first look at all four proposed Labyrintus factions. Joining the ‘Fairys’ and ‘Twiglets’ in 2010 will be two new, yet equally misguided Labyrintus types; The knights, in not so shiny armour of the ‘Iron Maiden’ faction, and the terrifying beasts of faction ‘Minotaur’. Here is a preview of the artwork for the upcoming 2D game. As always, feedback and thoughts are most welcome.

If anyone would like to see what has kept me quiet for the last few months, please take a look at my newly added King Lear gallery.

Best wishes to all for a happy and safe Christmas, and a brilliant 2010.