Kromlech post new previews

Kromlech have posted a preview of their 28mm Vibro Glaives and new basing kit.

Vibro Glaives

From their website:

I have preview of new weapon pack today, namely Vibro Glaives. These babies are intended for 28mm human sized models. Designed by Marcin “Majster” Szmyt.

Also, our new basing kit is already on Maxmini store and soon should be available in other shops (see our retailer list in top menu).

This time it’s Urban Rubble Basing Kit – consisting of 11 resin pieces that can be glued to any base you want . No plastic bases included.

On the pic below you can see painted examples of various bases finished with pieces from Urban Rubble Basing Kit. It’s our first set (I hope not last ) designed by Piotr Barty?.