Kromlech has new savage orc heads

Kromlech has got some awesome new savage orc heads for you to customize your army with. They’re orcs, they really should all be unique in some form or another.

A little blurb:

Hey guys,
A quick preview of our new soon-to-be-released Savage Orc Heads.
Hope you like them.


  • McRockin

    These are GORGEOUS… love the wooden mask in particular. And the mohawk. And the piercings.

    I’m just gonna go ahead and drool for a while…

  • Yeah, I’m loving these.. I just have to decide if it’s worth it to strip down a few squads of my orks to swap them over to these.. seeing as how these are closer to 2nd edition Dethskullz (yes I realize they’re intended as Snakebite but the old art has Dethskullz looking pretty similar to Snakebitez due to their superstitions).