KR Multicase release Wings of War Custom Trays

KR Multicase have released their Wings of War Custom Trays.

Wings of War Custom Tray

From their announcement:

We are pleased to announce that our full Wings of War tray range is now available. You can select from trays for the game basics, 4 single seaters or 2 single plus 2 two seaters. With these new purpose designed trays you can keep your Wings of War collections safe and damage free.

A standard KR Multicase holding the game basics plus 24 planes is £28.99 (including UK postage), and €39,99 including European postage. Cases to hold from 4 planes, 8 planes, 16 planes and more, are all available on the website:

For the UK and for the EU.

One tray holds all game basics i.e. Compartments for cockpit game board, balloon cards, smoke markers, compartment for distance markers, 4 token compartments, 6 deck compartments, and an altitude peg compartment. Choose from 2 other trays for the single and two seater planes. All four series of WW1 and both series of WW2 are catered for.

Key features for the perfect custom cut Wings of War trays from KR are:

  • All the game basics fit easily in the purpose made tray.
  • You can keep each plane and it’s deck next to each other.
  • Deck compartments have a handy finger recess to help get the cards out.
  • Tailplane pads are provided for full support.
  • Altitude pegs fit within the central compartment.
  • The smaller two seater planes can also fit in the single seater cutout!
  • Don’t forget, KR foam is soft and will keep your ‘planes safe, you can easily stack the trays and know that they will be safe from any damage.

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