KR Multicase offer custom cut trays

KR Multicase are now offering custom cut foam trays for their miniature carrying cases.


From their announcement:

We now have the first of our Custom Cut trays available on our website. This is the first of a new range which we will be expanding over the coming weeks to compliment our current tray range. If you have particular requirements let us know and maybe we will be able to do those first – email us at

This first tray in the range holds 1 Valkyrie, 4 Chimera/Leman Russ tanks and the Valkyrie stand – it would have been a real shame not to get that in too.

The tray is available on its own (naturally with a cover pad) for £19.99, or in the standard card KR Multicase for £28.99, or in the aluminium standard case for £45.99 (these are UK prices, EU and international will follow shortly).

You can see the start of this range on our website.

All our prices, as always, include postage and next day dispatch.

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