KR Multicase launches new website

KR Multicase launches their brand new website.

From their site:

We are pleased to have launched our new website. You can see the improvements we have made to case and tray selection system and it is now easier than ever to choose the best case and trays for your collection. Either select from the extensive range of armies covered by the KR range of cases and trays, or choose the KR case you want either by size or type, and then fill it with troop, troop and vehicle, cavalry trays and so on to suit your needs.

KR are specialists in the storage and transport of miniature wargaming, and have a wider range of cases and trays for more game systems than any other manufacturer. KR cases are available for wargaming miniatures from Gamesworkshop, Warmachine and Hordes, Wings of War, Flames of War, Heavy Gear Blitz, MERCS, Malifaux, Puppet Wars and many more. More cases will be added to the list over the next few weeks !

We will be adding increased functionality to the website as well as a range of new trays and products over the next few weeks, keep KR bookmarked for your next army case.

  • I like the new site and love their cases.
    – Bryan / Stratos

  • Killraven

    Other than the main page, I have no idea what the website changes are as it all seems to look and work the way it did two months ago. I absolutely love their cases, but still have to feel that their ordering system is completely horrid.

    The ordering page for bulk discounts is not intuitive to find at all and though there’s a discount for a 3-pack or 5-pack, you can’t order extra for the discount rate (ie, if you buy four, you can get three at the discount rate but have to pay full price for the 4th).

    Plus, it’s absolutely ridiculous that you can’t just plug a case from the TraySelector straight into your shopping cart.

    But hey, it may be cumbersome but the final product it still worth it. I haven’t found another case that even comes close to the bang for the buck.

    • Killraven

      Further review shows that only the US version is the same as before. On the new version I couldn’t find reference to bulk discounts at all and if you choose US currency after choosing everything you want it doesn’t transfer your shopping cart contents over.