KR Multicase launch the 1200 case

1200KR Multicase have launched a wheeled miniature case – the 1200.

From their announcement:
KR have been working on new products again and are pleased to announce their latest case – the 1200.

The 1200 can, as its name suggests, carry twelve hundred 28mm troops, though just like the rest of the KR range can carry a mixture of troops and vehicles by using the modular tray system. It is the first of a new range of cases for KR, and is able to carry six standard card KR Multicases. It is our first aluminium case to do so. As you can carry an army of eight to ten thousand points it has some very useful and well executed features.

Firstly, it is on wheels to make it easier to move around, and a telescopic handle is contained within the case to make wheeling it along simple and easy. It has an additional top and side grab handle too.

Secondly the internal compartments for the cases are split into 2 sections, 3 standard card KR Multicases fit in each one. This means you can easily get to any particular card case inside – no need to remove a whole stack of foam to get to the bottom tray with this case! And of course with the card cases being easy to label you will always be able to select exactly the troops or vehicles etc which you need.

Thirdly, there are 2 additional internal compartments, one for 2 KR accessory cases and templates etc, and the second for holding rule books, codex and armylists. The compartment also contains the tournament tray. A tournament tray is included with each twelve hundred case (and available separately as a KR accessory too), so that when you are gaming you have the perfect arrangement for getting your armies to a venue safely, and for getting your figures moved around the gaming tables too.

The 1200 features combination locks for additional security. When not being used to transport your army it can stand in your gaming room as an easily accessible and functional storage system too. You can stack on top of the case too with no harm to the miniatures inside.

You don’t need to just have one army in there, you can use it to carry multiple armies, eg carry 3 armies of 3000 points each if you don’t have one 10,000 point army! But if you are for example an Imperial Guard player this case would hold 3 valkyries, 2 baneblades, 2 baselisks, 16 tanks, 24 Heavy weapons teams and 160 troops.

The 1200 costs only £189.99 including 6 cases of core trays, and £229.99 if you select custom cut trays. As usual these prices include UK postage and next day dispatch just like all our other products. The 1200 is available the UK now, and from mid January 2011 for overseas