KR Multicase add Custom Cut Trays for Tau

KR Multicase now have Custom Cut Trays for your Tau models.

Tau Custom Tray

From their announcement:

We now have a full range of Custom Cut trays for the full range of Tau vehicles and figures have now been added. The new trays cover the Hammerhead, Devilfish, Skyray, Jump Suits, Battlesuits, Pirahnas, Tetras, a tray for 21 drones and a tray for the Tiger too.

As with the other ranges there is a downloadable pdf file to printout for a full list of the trays and what fits in each – just click the pdf download button in the Tau section.

Prices for this new range follow the same simple KR philosophy of one price for a case including any combination of trays (F, N, V, D, and L format) and postage too.

This range of L-format trays is also available individually if you decide on upgrading your current case.

Use the TrayCreatorTM application to assist you in deciding the best layout. You can create a tray from its components to suit your personal needs – no constraints on a large pre-formatted tray.

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We will update the EU and international sites shortly with these trays too.

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