KR Multicase – Dropzone Commander Cases and Trays

KR Multicase, you may have seen the other day from the Hawk Wargames website launch, is making trays that are custom-designed for Dropzone Commander. Well, they’re available direct from the source, too.

From the update:

Dropzone Commander – one of the most anticipated games of 2012 launched on the 8th June, and promises to be a superb game of mass sci-fi battles with dropships, tanks and troops in opposing forces with a great ruleset. You can see the full details of the game and miniatures on the Hawk Wargames website.

All the miniatures are resin cast using state of the art equipment producing models with exceptional detail and as such lend themselves to a wide variety of paint schemes. Certainly when you have terrific miniatures you want the best case system available to carry them in, and so KR was the natural choice due to our “soft foam for miniatures, hard cases for soft foam” philosophy, which ensures full protection for any fragile parts, and very importantly, does not rub the paint off your models.

KR worked closely with Hawk Wargames to ensure that the custom trays designed for each of the 4 factions will carry your army with the best protection possible for transport. The final versions of these trays will be added to the KR site during the next few weeks. As too will the tray sets for various army configurations, including of course the tray sets for the premium army deals which are on offer from Hawk Wargames and include a KR Multicase and trays for that army set up.

Dropzone Commander trays can be purchased individually or in cases bearing the Dropzone Commander logo.

The final trays and sets for each of the factions will be added over the next few weeks, and will be available for pre-orders from the start of July with shipping from 23rd July to coincide with the shipping date of the miniatures themselves from Hawk Wargames.

Whether you need a small force or one of the large army deals, or even their mega deal, there is a case to suit your needs. You can choose from any of the wide range of KR Multicases and match a case to your army size – only the KR modular case and tray system give you this versatility. If your collection grows in the future then the range of larger KR Multicases can carry them all.

  • blackfang

    “promises to be a superb game of mass sci-fi battles with dropships, tanks and troops in opposing forces with a great ruleset”

    Bold statement seeing as how nothing is known yet about the rules.

    • Absolutionis

      Exactly. It promises to be something, but it may just end up being another UnchartedSeas/FirestormArmada/DystopianWars made by a different company.

      • blackfang

        Well, it’s been revealed that it has alternating activations. All we need now are exploding sixes and we can lay this one to rest.

  • Nivanti

    Minis are stunning but yep don’t know much about the rules. I’ll see what response it gets before I commit, but it’s exciting stuff!

  • blkdymnd

    There actually a chat I’ve been watching on their Facebook page, he’s doing from 9am-9pm GMT where he’s covering how the rules work and said the FAQ will be updated with the best questions.

  • The rules will have to be very good to compensate for a quite expensive stuff (considering the scale). Many people I know were kinda turned off by their prices.