Knuckleduster release update

Knuckleduster have posted an update with information about their upcoming releases.

From their website:

I’ll be releasing more new figures around the end of this month. Among them will be Canadians in round hats skirmishing, as well as a new set of six lady gunfighters (including a shotgun-armed “granny” figure that will play hell with the law).

I’m sculpting American officer’s horses for 1812. After making production casts of them, I can sculpt the riders themselves–doing them simultaneously will fail to take into account the shrinkage of the width of the horses which will occur during mold-making. This is probably why some manufacturers have riders that wobble around atop their horses and compel to you glue one leg to the horse and let the other dangle.

Also, be sure to visit the Gallery for new images of painted figures sent to us by Combatpainter and John Hansen.  Please be sure to photograph and send any photos you might have of your painted figures. I’m not always very quick about posting them, but I will eventually, and if you’ve sent any and I’ve forgotten, please remind me. I really enjoy seeing what people have done with my figures.