Knuckleduster post 1812 previews

Knuckleduster has posted photos of some new 28mm war of 1812 figures they will be releasing

Glengarry infantry

From their website:

Here are a couple of previews of the next two 1812 sets, Glengarry light infantry and Lower Canada Militia command in round hats:

The Glengarry infantry dressed almost identically to the 95th rifles, but carried muskets and the proper kit for musket-armed troops. The Canadians below are based on the uniform described by Stuart Asquith in his book, “The War of 1812, A Campaign Guide to the War with America, 1812-1815”.

I still have a few bits and pieces to finish on these figures today, but they are more complete at this writing than you see in the photos, and will likely go in the vulcanizer tomorrow morning to make the master mold. I’ll also be removing the lace from the ensign’s cuffs as per Asquith’s illustration of an officer of the militia.