Knight Models previews upcoming Arrow release

By Polar_Bear
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Jan 15th, 2015

Knight Models is showing off the new Arrow mini they’ve been working on for the Batman Miniatures Game. They have two head styles available, hooded and not. Which do you prefer?


From the preview:

We are sure you already seen our next release of Arrow smile emoticon, looks stunning, isn’t? I would like to show you the two head options, hooded and without it. Are you thinking in build an Arrow crew?

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  • KelRiever

    I don’t prefer either because this is another company which doesn’t have availability for the models people want. Again, if demand exceeds production, it is fine, it takes time to get the popular models back in. But after a certain amount of time, there isn’t an excuse anymore, like with FFG’s Star Wars.

    Looked at the game, but I won’t pick it up if the only available Batman figure is Adam West 😛

  • malwych

    I don’t understand – all of the models on Knight’s webstore are currently listed as In Stock. I’ve ordered direct from Knight several times, and they’ve never delayed an order. Are you looking at some other supplier? If so, I recommend trying somewhere else!

  • KelRiever

    Maybe. I’ll check it out. I never really order from companies directly, since I typically try to support my regular retailers. But seriously, even if true, those retailers and Knight should work to get that stock filled if it is in demand.

    Who doesn’t want stock that sells?!

  • malwych