Knight Models Previews New Releases

People are going crazy over the Batman Miniatures Game and Marvel Universe Miniatures game from Knight Models. And why shouldn’t they? They’re great-looking sculpts of some very iconic and beloved characters. And though I’ve not had a chance to try them out, I hear the rules are pretty good, too. Well, the next batch of releases are up in their webshop.

Whether you want an advanced robot, a super-speedy kid, or a demonic-looking mutant who goes “BAMF!”, they’ve got you covered.


  • Andrew Franke

    I bought the rules and my first few minis for the Batman/DC game just before Christmas and can say this game is a blast. The miniatures are just amazing. Very detailed and of course they are of your favorite comic book Characters.

    The rules are easy to learn and fun to play but the are not simplistic. By that I mean the rules of the game don’t make every game the same. Rather the tactics you use make every game different and depending on what scenario you set up and the map/terrain you choose make this a worthwhile purchase.

  • supervike

    More fantastic minis, especially for the Marvel side!