Knight Models posts up some initial photos of their Batman miniatures game

Knight Models teased that they were making a Batman miniatures game. Now they’ve started posting up some initial photos of some of the models for the game.

  • meatpuppet7

    Whoa, dig this idea… I will be watching this project with much interest.

    I think that I may have a new game.

  • Nosaj Verush

    What scale? The look kinda big. Maybe 52 mm.

    • Toqtamish

      30 mm

  • TomasT

    The smaller Batman is 35 mm…. it’s not gonna be an ‘inquisitor-ish’ game, is it? That died due to the non compatible terrain….

  • supervike

    After getting the Batman they’ve had out for a while, and being a huge fan of Arkham City, I was really hoping they’d expand this line! YAY!

  • Valander

    I almost don’t care if the rules are good or not. Well, maybe a little. 😉

    Still, when can I give them all my money?

  • cama





  • malwych

    Anyone stocking this stuff in the UK? The 35mm Batman on their Spanish website is 14 euros before tax – with tax and shipping it went up to 31 euros! Wowzers…

  • Cherno

    I wonder if the terrain shown on the photos is just for show and the game itself will be more like the Clix games, with gridded maps?

  • I don’t know about the game but the figures are looking damn good.