Knight Models Posts Marvel Minis Games FAQ

Supposedly starter sets are out there among the people for the Marvel Universe Miniatures Game. Also, the Spider Man rules have been out and about (they’re a lot like the Batman Miniatures Game). Well, as people look at them, they’re going to have questions. Well, Knight Models is here to help with a FAQ for both games.

The first questions cover how the two games will interact, as well as where you can find the MCU rules and scenarios. There’s also a bit about the future of both games, letting you know a little bit about what you can expect in upcoming releases.


  • Phillip Russertt

    where do i get stat cards for doc oxk and the thing? why dont they come with them to use in play with the rest od the marvel line of models?

    • Knight Models has an extensive catalog of Marvel miniatures that they were making for years before they came out with the rules for the Marvel Minis game. It might take a while for all those old models to finally get rules.

      • Phillip Russertt

        thanks you as well for the info. i appreciate it

    • Andrew Franke

      The descriptions on the models will tell you if they are the “Classic” line or the Game line. The Classic line tends to be a bit different in scale as well as maybe not having the rules yet written though I think the scale is the main issue here. Until they sculpt a model for the game the will not release a card for it as people would just use Heroclix or a substitute,

      • Phillip Russertt

        thanks for the info. i appreciate it.