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By Polar_Bear
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Aug 27th, 2015
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In the upcoming issue of Ravage Magazine US, there’s a review of the Batman Miniatures Game by Knight Models. Before now, I have to admit that I’d not really looked into the game. However, after reading the article, I’m rather intrigued and just might have to look into it more. In the meantime, Knight Models has a new set of releases for the game (as well as one other) they’re talking about.

That “one other,” of course being Rocket Raccoon. Though it would be interesting to see what his stats would be like in the game. Other than him, there’s some new gangs and some new characters including Hugo Strange and Azrael. To help you keep track of things, there’s a couple new token sets as well. Plus, this set has a new Bat Signal terrain piece. I’m guessing next release will have a bunch of different Batman models in it. It would seem only right.


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  • Drew Olds

    I love it that Knight doesn’t feel the need to pick a single version of any character- they just do lots of different ones, and don’t even try to pretend that they all match. That’s a version of the Riddler that I’m not familiar with (do they also have a green suit with bowler hat?).

    I’ve only heard good things about this game. I would need room in my life for another miniatures game.

    (and this isn’t the only one on my list, you know?)