Kingdom Death updates about Monster progress

By Polar_Bear
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Jul 11th, 2014

Kingdom Death made a monster of a post (see what I did there?) about the progress of Monster.
Note: in the post there’s several… Kingdom-Death-y models. Just so you know if you’re at work or something.



From the update:

No more estimates. The project and its fulfillment will be done, when it’s done. I have too much respect for you backers, your support and your high expectations of Kingdom Death: Monster to fall short of any future estimates.

The hard plastic manufacturing process is taking much longer then I anticipated. In order for any individual miniature to reach my approval, the time and investment of raw work hours is staggering. It’s needs to be done right, simple as that.

My full commitment remains with you backers. As promised, I have directed the extra time gained from the longer manufacturing process back into the project. As opposed to perhaps the wiser business move of starting something new with the team. You believed in Kingdom Death: Monster and me, and so I will in turn, believe in you, your patience and your understanding. Resources earned from our separate resin sales, are now being invested to expand the expansions and to play test them to a brilliant polish. That is my proof of commitment.

From now on, I will simply share the facts of where we are with hard plastic production along with what we have improved, upgraded or added to the expansions.

Retail Price Adjustment

The core game, now that we have the final specs. Is simply too costly for us to retail it at the originally intended price of $100. It saddens me, but we have to raise the price of the Core Game to $250. It will still include all of the paper goods listed above, along with the all the miniatures (all 17 sprue’s worth!) Packages will be marked to reflect pledges, not the final retail cost of the rewards inside.

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  • elril

    A jump from 100$ to 250$? Whoa, that is more than a slight accounting error.

    • Ghool

      He also changed the material from cheap PVC to styrene, which adds quite a bit to the cost.

  • Soulfinger

    Wow. So, I guess I did make a mistake by not backing and waiting for it to go on deep discount from a retailer . . . unless this is the cunning plan to help backers feel thrilled and amazed at their savvy purchase until it turns out they can manage $100 MSRP. Either way, damn, I wish I had so desperately wanted this game . . . stupid groceries.

  • chaoshead87

    That is a pretty steep price increase indeed. Like Soulfinger, I really wish that I had jumped into this ks. I will continue to support Mr. Poots with the occasional purchase but I am not sure I can swing $250 all in one go. Too bad as I was looking forward to this game.

  • wormwoode

    Well, as it looks like it’s gonna be a good while before the game hits retail, I suppose I’ll have to start a little “K.Death change jar” on a shelf somewhere. $250 is steep, but it looks like it’ll actually be worth it.

    Gotta respect the tone of his update, too. Watching a few different kickstarters dance and dodge around their delay issues, and it’s really nice to see someone even appearing to treat their backers with some respect.

  • Wasn’t the pledge manager re-opened or was that only for backers?

    • Soulfinger

      I recall there being a limited Black Friday sort of second chance to back the project, which of course came on one of my big days for buying . . . children’s clothing.

    • Veritas

      There was an extremely limited Black Friday reopen and I’m glad I got in on it!

  • odinsgrandson

    I worry that the price is too high for a miniatures board game. It’s just really steeps a starting price.

    This game had better really rock- and have some pretty evangelical fans.

    • grimbergen

      He did always say this game will likely never make it to retail, even in the beginning of the campaign, given the theme and price (even at the original $100 MSRP). I’m guess now, if any get left for retail, will lilkey just be sold by him directly at the KD site or at CMON.

  • jedijon

    It’s interesting because if Kickstarter has taught us anything it’s that $100 dollars is the “will make stupid decision” pricepoint barrier. However, some folks are still self-identifying as those who’d want to pay 2.5 times that much to have a board game in their collection.

    Given the theme, size, setup time, playtime, complexity – I’ve come to expect that my $85 bucks + outlay for some expansions is going to hit the table a handful of times in my life. And EVEN THAT with foresight planning and cajoling. Possibly even sacrifice. If Poots has his way, human… This’ll suck up the whole game night and those are few/far between. Most of the time, it’ll just take up space. It’s cool. But about as cool as any shiny box.