Kingdom Death releases The Wet Nurse

Kingdom Death have released their Wet Nurse figure. Possibly NSFW

Update: they are now sold out

Wet Nurse

From their announcement:

Our finest nightmare monstrosity yet, now available on our online store. Please be warned, many of the images are not safe for work.

The First Run Collectors Edition, Limited to 100 includes:

  • Wet Nurse + 2 Pregnant Women
  • 6″x4″ Artwork Matte Printed on cardstock
  • Hand Numbered Collectors Edition Ribbon
  • Bonus horrified naked woman

Make sure to check the project page, where lots of larger photos are posted.

About the Wet Nurse
Honestly, instead of describing the creature I would rather you just browse the photos on the project page. I think visually it tells the story better then words ever could. I will add that it lives in the Holy Lands, along with the Man-Hunter and Lions. I will also clarify that the creature does not give birth to young, it just nurses them.