Kingdom Death releases The Grand Mother

By tgn_admin
In Horror
Feb 12th, 2011

Kingdom Death have released their Grand Mother figure.

The Grand Mother

From their announcement:

Few chosen victims survive the treatment of raw god metal that prepares a womb to withstand and nurture the ghastly cocktail that gives rise to the monsters of the Holy Lands. The truly holy mothers are beatified as Grand Mothers, transformed into creatures embodying the maternal life-giving ideal of the Entity. These special few give birth to the Entity’s most precious children, the massive winged Blessed Ones. The Grand Mother’s womb is braced heavy ornate gut plates. Within, a hostile furnace of creation churns. She has a mouthed cord growing from her belly that devours male organs of her mates to better the chances of divine conception.

The Grand Mother is a rare, horrifying foe, possessing a master the Other and protected by the watchful eye of the Entity itself.

Art : Lokman Lam
Sculpture : Thomas David
Concept & Direction : Poots

This First Run Collectors edition is limited to 200 and comes in the special packaging shown, it includes:

  • 1 x Resin Grand Mother Miniature
  • 1 x Mini Character Card & Hand Stamped Packaging
  • 1 x Kingdom Death 25mm Base
  • Hand Numbered Authenticity Slip
  • 6″ x 4″ Print of the Original Concept Artwork on heavy card stock sheathed in a Hard Plastic Protector.

  • supervike

    A penis eating belly cord? Kingdom of Death sure seems to have a fixation on fertility, birthing, and phallic symbols.

    • Zac

      Sounds like a usual Friday night at the pub to me.

  • Tommygun

    I know not everyone will like or approve this type of mini, but I’m glad to see a manufacturer that makes miniatures that are aimed at an adult audience with artistic flare.
    By artistic flare, I mean is isn’t a bikini girl with a big gun.
    There are numerous manufacturers that make “safe” minis, but it is nice to have other choices.

    • treslibras

      I am sorry to say, but this IS a ‘bikini girl with a bin gun’.

      Only the maker seems to be more into Japanese Hentai-Manga Fantasy than US redneck culture.

      I do agree, however, that variety is something to be cherished in its own right (if only to refine my sense of what I am NOT looking for).

      • Tommygun

        It just seems to me people are more afraid of sex than violence.
        If this where a standard fighter with a sword in one hand and a severed head in the other, would people be as offended?
        There is a violent theme to this mini, but it is the sexual part that’s upsetting people.
        You see this double standard played out on US TV a lot.
        You can’t show naked people, but you can show simulated decapitation and other body parts being cut off.
        What I like about their style is that it is not the nine thousandth elf ranger mini with a bow.
        The sculptor is thinking far outside the box. This mini is not for everyone, but it’s uniqueness does appeal to me.
        I would hate to see every miniature to be made to a safe for a 12 year old standard.
        There are plenty of well made safe choices out there, if that is what you prefer.

        • treslibras

          You did not reply to my argument, you are using your reply to come up with a completely different argument and you are insinuating that I prefer childish miniatures!

          You sound like my wife! 🙂

          I cannot comment on the US, but as a European, I see nudity and sexuality as something normal and god-given, and vulgarity – in certain contexts – is fine with me, as well.

          I just think that Tentacle Hentai is absolutely ridiculous!

          …Unless you are having a Call of Cthulhu roleplaying session based in the porn industry!

          …But then again, that sounds like the stuff I made up with my buddies when we were 13… 🙂

  • The Kingdom Death models are amazing in their sculpting and production values, but appear to be inspired by a disturbed mind. Still, it is nice to see such craftsmanship and risk taking by a new company. Best of luck!

  • Nicolay

    Agreed on the sculpting and production values of these, but I personally find the last 2 minis released by KD to be the results of perverted mindsets. The complete absence of Explicit Content warnings on their site are also a bit worrying. The Wet Nurse for instance has all the elements to be associated with pron (with no need for 3D glasses even), yet is available freely to all ages. In my humble opinion, a complete waste of resin, packaging material and above all … talent.

  • Markheim

    Just because you don’t understand it or appreciate it doesn’t make the creator perverted. Try to take yourself out of your comfortable preconceptions for just a minute to try and understand why so many other people find these figures fascinating. Not only is this sold out on their site, but the Wet Nurse sold out immediately as well. What do you think people do with these when they get them? Why do you think they appreciate them? I’m not asking you to try to appreciate the figures, but I am asking you to try to expand your perspective enough so that you don’t come on TGN and start insulting people again.

    • Nicolay

      Doing art myself, I have exposed myself to pretty much all forms of art out there so this stuff is nothing new at all, so in terms of perspective I’m OK. Being somewhat conservative is nothing bad, you know.

      There is no way one can justify the validity of anything just through popularity alone. I imagine (!) people who buy these minis are aiming for sensationalism, equal to that of the developers (as Veritas said: spectacle).

      • Markheim

        That was much less insulting, thank you 🙂

  • Veritas

    Spectacle for the sake of spectacle. That’s the vibe I’m starting to get from Kingdom Death. You start to push the line a bit too much and you slide into ridiculous.

  • scarletsquig

    I disagree, the interesting and unique backstory and the setting that the sculptor has created for his creations strikes me as a lot more creative than simple sensationalism.

    A womb forged of god-metal is a concept I’ve never come across before.. it takes elements of eastern mythology (impregnation by gods, birth of the first humans etc.) and amplifies the horror element.

    I’m fairly certain if the sculptor just wanted to sculpt lots of boobies the results would be considerable different and much closer to the stuff made by shadowforge/ hasslefree.

  • Veritas

    Spectacle is not confined to the realm of “boobs.” Spectacle is pretty much anything over-the-top that is made to grab attention. Think of Swift’s “A Modest Proposal.” The whole Irish eating their babies thing is a prime example of spectacle that is both non-sexual and purposeful. (made to draw attention to horrible living conditions) I just can’t find the redeeming value in the recent KD releases. Why does this creature’s need to feed only extend to male genitalia for example? Why not, in Black Widow fashion, devour the whole mate? Surely there’s more sustenance in a full body? But, if the creature ate its partner whole it wouldn’t be nearly the spectacle because it fits inside what we already know.

    I think the only thing saving these guys from being written off is the talent shown in the sculpts. But this is just my opinion. As said earlier, when it comes to art, one man’s Mona Lisa is another man’s Poker Playing Dogs.