Kingdom Death releases Mother and Lion Knight

By TGN Ross
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Jan 30th, 2012

Kingdom Death releases two new limited edition models to their online store.

From their release:

Lion Knight
Three brother generals command the vast armies of the Golden Entities domain. Each imbued with a different temperament and a strong will of their own. The middle brother is the most attached to the human industry and artistry. He cultivates a courtly civilized appearance and graceful swordsmanship, surrounding himself with human thralls allowing them to enjoy their short tragic existence in his awesome presence.

Concept : Danny Cruz
Sculpture : Juan Navarro Perez


Concept : Lokman Lam
Sculpture : Thomas David

This First Run Collectors edition is limited and comes packaged in a hand stamped kraft box including:
1 x Resin Mother
1 x Kingdom Death 25mm Base
Hand Numbered Authenticity Note
6″ x 4″ Print of the Original Concept Artwork on heavy card stock.

  • oninotaki

    Ha the Lion knight already sold out.

  • My painting skills would have been too abysmal for those anyway 😉

  • Veritas

    I ordered a Lion Knight. I’m just curious as why he’s called Lion Knight 2nd on the store. I don’t remember any 1st Lion Knight. Or is he supposed to be like a second in command?

    Also, I’m guessing the Lion Knight is sold out, but will still be available from CMoN. They probably got an allotment first before the model went live on the Kingdom Death website. That’s just a guess though.

    • He is the 2nd of 3 “brothers”. And in regards to CMON you are correct. They should have their shipment shortly!

      • Veritas

        Ah, I didn’t connect the second with the three brothers bit in the fluff. It sounded like some kind of rank to me. Thanks for the clarification.

  • Soulfinger

    So the lion knight is kind of a pimpin’ version of Aslan. His pose just shouts, “BEHOLD! All my fine ladies.”

    • cybogoblin

      Now those are Daughters of Eve!

  • With rumors of Dark Angels being released this year, and GW’s campaign against ChapterHouse apparently stalled out, Kingdom Death today released pics of two “No, they’re not Chaos” Dark Angels models.

    First up is “Pimpin'” Primarch Lion El Johnson on decorative resin base with “Calibanite Cuties” The second model is mysteriously called “Perils of the Warp” and is thought to tie in with both Lion El’s base and changes to 40K 6th Edition’s reserve mechanic.

    (The models are ace. One of these days, I’m gonna grab some Kingdom Death stuff just to paint.)

    • cama

      If only there was a pimpin’ Rhino-like APC, with fuzzy lion dice and under-chassis lights!

    • I am amazed that you see “dark angel” models here! haha. I guess if someone was feeling conversion creative they could use any kingdom death model they found suitable in any game.

      • Soulfinger

        I believe that the Dark Angels gag is that their primarch was “Lion El Johnson.” Lion knight = Lion El = wokka wokka!

        They are certainly suitable for any game! I mean, looking at the website, there appears to be some deep seated rivalry between the Gorm and the White Scars Space Marine chapter. Of course, what I want is a scaled down set, particularly the Wet Nurse, to use in place of my Monopoly tokens (as of now, I use a demon of Nurgle from the old Epic Space Marine game — take that thimble!).

        But seriously, I agree about them being ace — wonderful sculpts, and I can’t wait to see the game that comes out of it all.

  • papasmrf667

    Awesome sculpts, I’m so interested in the fluff and story in this line!