Kingdom Death new website celebration

By tgn_admin
In Fantasy
May 23rd, 2011

Kingdom Death are celebrating their new website with a re-release of the Wet Nurse as well as several remastered figures.

Updated: as expected, the Wet Nurse is sold out and Kingdom Death is now accepting back-orders for the figure.

Remastered figures

From their announcement:

The Kingdom Death website has been redesigned and improved. To celebrate the launch we have a special run of our most asked for miniature ever… the Wet Nurse!

We also have remastered versions of a few of our digitally sculpted miniatures, solving some of the production issues we faced and printed on a new superior technology at about 400% the quality of the originals. As part of the celebration we have made the Remastered White Speaker a general release, finally added the Pinup Preacher whom only a handful of people have seen at this point and have one new release… the pinup white speaker. Everything is packaged into our new petite hand stamped boxes and comes with the artwork matte printed on cardstock

  • joechummer

    Finally! Been waiting to get my hands on a White Speaker mini ever since the initial limited edition run sold out too fast for me to get one.

  • I admit, we have yet to find a balance when making releases. Our resin casting partner is absurdly talented… but not the fastest and quite expensive. Adding that to how time consuming packing tiny men into boxes can be, the limited runs makes a ton of sense!

    I really, really do wanna finish the actual game one day! hehe.

    • angrybob

      Thank you! No, seriously. I’ve been trying to get a White Speaker since you released her. My timing has been bad and I missed out whenever you had some – even in the Gift of Death set. Anyway, keep up the great work your stuff is inspiring.

    • joechummer

      We do really appreciate the effort! I have one of the other limited releases, and it is by far one of the highest quality resin sculpts I’ve seen. Bravo!

  • SirAngry

    I have a fair few of these KoD Miniatures now and I honestly can say they’re some of the finest sculpts out their right now. I absolutely love them. I’m just keeping my fingers crossed that there will be some stuff left to order on pay day this Friday. I’m hoping to try and get a review up this weekend of some of the KoD stuff on my blog.

    @Angrybob, good choice on the White Speaker she’s a great little figure.

  • Myrthe

    WOW !! That freaky Wet Nurse sold out in 10 hours !!

    The White Speaker and the Preacher are fantastic and will make their way to the top of my “To Do” list !!

    • Myrthe

      Um, I mean … “To Paint” list !!!

  • mathieu

    I like the models and am tempted to purchase some of them… But I expect these studio pictures should be at least as good as the final product, and the rather big mould lines aren’t exactly encouraging!

    • SirAngry

      @mathieu I have the gift of death box and the Forsaken Pin Up as well as the 54mm Twilight pin-up and I can tell you the casting on them is top notch. I really wouldn’t say so if they weren’t. I’ll be doing a review of the mini’s I have on my Blog in the next week or so… if I can get my sodding camera to work!!! lol.

  • papasmrf667

    Nice, I have been waiting for news of Kingdom Death I’m glad to hear you guys are still up and going. Just waiting on that game! Let me know if you need a playtester

  • Snig

    My only wish: A distributor in Europe.