Kingdom Death Kickstarter to launch on Black Friday

Kingdom Death will be launching their Kickstarter campaign for their Monster board game the day after Turkey Day (or Nov. 23rd for you non-US types).

From the announcement:

The tremendously fan requested Kingdom Death Kickstarter will be launching Black Friday November 23rd.

The Kickstarter is for “Kingdom Death – Monster” our first miniature board game. The game features cooperative gameplay, over 20 never before seen miniatures including a huge monster sculpted by JAG and… well I really don’t want to spoil it so, please just check us out on friday!

  • Heble


  • papasmrf667

    sweet! 23rd is my birthday too

  • Grindar

    Are you only producing 3 copies of this, to match the rest of the Kingdom Death line?

    • Soulfinger

      Yeah, I wanted a Wet Nurse too, but everything else was just leading up to this. How exciting!

  • at 25.00 per mini I sincerely hope it is very small scale skirmish. They have great stuff, but the limits and price are worrisome.

    • Soulfinger

      I think you guys are missing the distinction between the collectible limited edition figures on the website and the mass market game that this kickstarter will support. From the website: “While the game is under development we are releasing individual, collectible versions of Kingdom Death figures as well as unique variants to help financially support the project.”

      So, as things stand, you pay a couple dollars more than what a plastic GW Space Marine Commander costs and get 1 of a 225 figure limited run hand cast in resin in a kraft box with an art print and certificate of authenticity.

      From what I understand about the Kickstarter, and I may be wrong, you get over 20 figures with this game for $100, so less than $5 each plus rules and what-not.

  • keltheos

    All I can think is that this is how LeMarchand would get his puzzle box onto the market if he could.

  • odinsgrandson

    Hm… and I was just starting to notice that there wasn’t a Kickstarter project that I was totally loving.

    Let’s see how this goes for them. So far, the Kingdom Death line has been fantastically sculpted, although I’m sure that a number of their concepts alienate some players (Wet Nurse, I’m looking at you).

    This is one more company that has been selling fine miniatures for a while, and is now turning them into a game. Like Studio McVey, Sodapop, Wyrd, Freebooter and others. That seems like a recipe for a solid Kickstarter- you already have fans to mobilize.

  • blkdymnd

    Is a Kickstarter in the middle of the Xmas shopping season a smart idea?

    • Indeed, perhaps too much bravery. We shall find out soon enough!

    • keltheos

      ’tis always the season to prey on the addictions of gamers.

    • Not unless it’s a Christmas present, eh?

  • TylerT

    depends does it last long enough for people to return all the crappy gifts they got for cash to back the project?

  • basement.dweller

    I’m skint, but if it’s a tasty enough deal I will find the money and throw it your way. Please consider making a proper roadmap of planned stretchgoals if you intend to have any. There is no point in making them a secret unless they are crap. Which I don’t expect them to be… 🙂 Looking forward to it.

  • I have mixed feelings about road mapped stretch goals. As a backer of nearly 20 kickstarters I actually prefer the surprise! I also find the road maps to be a little… presumptious and far less exciting. I do not know what the general consensus prefers, but I am glad you shared your thoughts here. Perhaps if things go really well, I will put put together a roadmap later in the campaign.

    • Veritas

      I’m all for the surprise stretch goals under two conditions.
      1. Don’t drop crappy surprises. i.e. “If you raise our pledge total by $20,000 we’ll upgrade the cards in the game to be an extra 1mm thick!” That sort of stuff drives me nuts.
      2. Don’t constantly nickel and dime us for stretch goals as they appear. i.e. The first stretch goal or two comes in the standard $100 dollar level, but then for further stretch goals we either have to upgrade our pledge tier or we have to pay like an extra $10 dollars per item. Some of these are OK, but having a whole ton of stretch goals that require me to keep chipping in extra until my $100 pledge needs to be like $250 just to get the stretch goals irritates me to no end and has, in the past, caused me to cancel a pledge. I thought Dreadball was really well run where you got a LOT of the extras in the $100 dollar pledge. There were extras to buy, but I didn’t feel like I was drowning in them.

      • Thanks for the insight Veritas.

        In the end it will all come down to certain fiscal realties and I hope to be as open as possible as the campaign moves forward. I need to be very careful and manage expectations while living in the shadow of some truly crazy campaigns.

        • basement.dweller

          Hmm… I feel like I have to elaborate on my initial comment. Everybody loves gettin MOAR stuff obviously and from a business stand point I can see how it makes sense to not blow all the goodies from the getgo even if you already have most of this stuff figured out. That is not really my issue.

          Like Veritas says though I find some “stretch goals” rather irritating and silly. Kingdom Death has always felt like something of a higher standard with nice art and card stock hehe and using that as an example I expect the game to be as good as it is supposed to be from the getgo. That sentiment is really my point in all this.

          Buying the game should be worthwhile with or without extras

          and like you hinted, whatever the finances allow is simply a nice and welcome bonus. My issue is with the current trend in campaigns that start off with what feels like a half measure and by means of stretchgoals ends up being what it was supposed to be half way into the campaign. Unfortunately it’s what I’ve come to expect from crowdfunding and it feels like the most unecessary dragged out and artifically prolonged striptease session by means of six extra layers of clothing in an attempt to make the unveiled goods seem more attractive;)

          To sum it up – I’d like to see the campaign and go “yup I am definately going for that” rather than “meh, maybe later”. I hope that makes somewhat more sense.

          • basement.dweller

            Damn it! Now I wish I wasn’t skint as I definitely want in on this. 🙂
            Congratulations on an awesome looking product!!! And it looks like it’s going to be funded within an hour =)

        • Veritas

          Well, I’m in for the Deluxe Survivor Black Friday special. It essentially made the international shipping free so I feel a bit better about it. Now to wait and see where this campaign goes.

          • basement.dweller

            Hehe.. I jumped in on a BF “The Game”, but then i could not resist some of the extras (another phoenix anyone) so I upped to BF Survivor. Shipping is killer though and with the added bonus of import taxes in Sweden it’s going to be super expensive 😛 But that is a problem for 2013. I’ll be rich by then…

  • TylerT

    A few thoughts, communicate that there are stretch goals, only show one or two goals at a time. If you can make people believe the next goal is possible that will go a very long way to achieving it. Showing all the goals upfront makes people think the top ones are impossible.

    You are right about managing expectations. the relic knights KS was the first project i have seen that suffered from “backer angst” about stretch goals and the slow down that happens after the first week of a project.

    Update every day. Each update is a potential story that can be blogged or shared. You say there are 20 new models? That could be 20 updates, use a group shot in the project and then update with fiction and high res close up shots and art for each new character every day. people who paid money for you project will rarely consider it spam, it is instead getting a peek at their present.

    • Great thoughts TylerT, thanks for the ideas! I also need to start building an FAQ and trying my best to expect the unexpected.

      • Soulfinger

        Congratulations on funding this in what? An hour and fifteen minutes? Pretty amazing. It would be nice to see this be one of the $1mil+ Kickstarters.