Kingdom Death Kickstarter in final hours, total over $1.5mil

Monster from Kingdom Death has only 7 hours or so to go and has made it well over $1.5mil. If you want in, now’s the time.

From the update:

We are in the very final hours of the campaign and my mind is just blown.

This campaign had shattered all of my expectations. Thank you to all the backers, all my friends and this amazing community for making my tiny man dreams come true!

  • blkdymnd

    Though I didn’t back, because I think a lot of their model concepts are horrible, I did call this as the new king of Kickstarter board games from the beginning and was scoffed at by many. Congrats all at KD for a large chunk of change and a very successful Kickstarter

    • Soulfinger

      No, I think Nosaj Verush called it when he said that it would slow down once the fan boys cashed in, and it would fail to draw new players to the market because of the $150 sweet spot. $1,710,737 with 5 hours to go . . . what a flop! If he had just done things differently and followed everyone’s advice, this could have been as successful as Sedition Wars or Relic Knight!

      • Moriarty

        If that’s sarcasm then it’s very subtle!

        • Soulfinger

          Sorry to be so heavy-handed . . . unless you’re not being sarcastic, in which case I’m just confused.

          • Moriarty

            Hah, I’m confused now too! xD

            I’ll just agree with blkdymnd’s sentiments! 🙂

          • Soulfinger

            Oh no! I’m so sarcastic that I’ve transcended sarcasm!

  • carypearson

    I would be willing to bet that Relic Knights and Sedition Wars did just as well… From the beginning KD:Monster has stated that you have to pledge EVERYTHING you are going to spend at the end of the KS. Relic Knights and Seditions Wars and even Reapers Bones campaign all allowed you to bump your pledge AFTER the KS was over…

    So I pledged $200 for Sedition Wars and ended up spending $600

    Same with Relic Knights…Pledged $200 and spent $600

    But I had to PLEDGE all $600 for every expansion with KD:Monster… BTW it just hit 2 Million…

    • Piston Honda

      With SedWars, I started with 300, several weeks later over 1300, though, only about half of that was mine. Rest was from piggy backs from people who missed.

      KD had a bigger Kick start period because

      additional 15 days
      great grass root advertisment from its fans flooding every corner on the internet.
      Well managed (not that CMoN was not well managed)
      Small cult following of his minis which are next to impossible to before this KS.

      Very well deserved campaign.

    • Veritas

      And by the comments at the end of the Kickstarter there are some fairly irritated backers that Mr. Poots isn’t going to allow extra funds to be added after the Kickstarter. They have good reason though. Some people really just wanted the gameplay expansions and Adam clearly said that after the 1 million Lantern Festival was hit that he wouldn’t add anything else that was a large gameplay addition. However, in the last day he put up that Slender Man which is a full expansion like the Flower Knight or Lion Knight. Quite a few people didn’t get it and are upset that they can’t add it post-KS.

      • Piston Honda

        Adam Poots just doesn’t have the man power and resources to operate like CMoN, he’s a one man band, seems like he wants to keep it that way via his comments. Has no intentions of having the game sold in large numbers and steep discounts.

        But could change if there is a large demand.

  • Piston Honda

    I kiced in for a handful of minis that I liked. As for the game itself, I will wait and see. Parts of of look fun (building equipment and combat), but seems like it is missing a lot of the in between stuff.

    Poots has a tall order in front of him, hope he can complete. Though this is estimated to be released in November of 2013, realistically, I don’t expect it until late spring of 2014.

  • Toyznthehood

    Oh! I didn’t realise that. Seeing CMON were running it i put in a dollar and figured i’d up it when the pledge manager was sent out. Not only does it give me some time to think about it but also that allows me to pay via Paypal which Kickstarter does not (Paypal is mainly my toy soldier slush fund)

  • mathieu

    Some loaded gamers around here! 😉

    • cybogoblin

      I imagine a lot of those big pledges are people pooling their funds. I went in on SedWars with two friends, same for DreadBall.