Kickstarting for Major Effect

Major Effect Dice are dice for the Cypher Systems RPGs. They’re looking for funding over on Kickstarter now.


From the campaign:

Major Effect Dice became an idea after I had a rough night of rolling dice while playing Monte Cook’s Numenera. When I wasn’t rolling 1’s I was taking forever to figure out what level challenge I was beating. I started to notice that everyone else was taking time to get to their levels too. That’s when I thought, “Why can’t the dice just tell me the level challenge I beat?”

Hi, I’m Adam and I own Perfict Sphere. Yes, I know it’s spelled wrong, that’s the point. d20s are not perfect spheres but they feel like the perfect tool for RPGs. I wanted to make a perfect sphere for the cypher system as I love the game so much. (In case you haven’t heard of Numenera, you should Google it!)

The Major Effect Die does just that. It makes the game perfict! It gives time back to the player to do what they want to do, play the game. We all love rolling dice, and getting 20’s, but the true part of the game is what our characters do in the game.

Major Effect Dice speeds up the dice rolling and gives you all the dice you need to play the game. A d20 that has what level challenge you beat in the game. If you roll a 5.1 you beat a level 5 challenge! No math/look up charts needed. Two d10s for percentile dice when you need to know if your gear breaks down. And a d6, with a + in front of the numbers, to let you know how many point you get back in your ability pools.