KickStarter for Badass Zombie Killers is Live

Badass Zombie Killers is a stand-alone, single-deck card game all about something most of us enjoy: killing zombies and looking good doing it. It’s up on Kickstarter now.

From the project:

Badass Zombie Killers is a fast-paced easy to learn game of one-upsmanship and sabotage. When the zombie horde arrives, you don’t want to just be ready; you want to be BADASS!

  • Grim6

    I hate to say it, but “Zombie Kickstarter Fatigue” is starting to set in. Who would have though that you could have too many Zombies?

    • I totally agree… another Zombie Games just sucks, it could be the best game ever but… in the name of God… please… “zombi” is becoming a DEAD genre…

  • HorridMischief

    I think they know that as well. Check out the opening of the KS description…

    Another Zombie Game? Really?

    At last count there were approximately 23 bazillion* zombie-themed games currently on KickStarter. So what does Badass Zombie Killers bring to the table that those others don’t?

    Well, to be honest, I have no idea – I kind of skimmed those other entries.

    But I can tell you that no other game out there will give you Double-Barreled Shotgun-Chuks!

  • Grim6

    Yeah, I saw that, and the video. It didn’t help.

  • HorridMischief

    But Double-Barreled Shotgun-Chuks! That’s made of awesome right there.

  • T34

    The main issue I’m seeing isn’t so much zombie fatigue (well maybe a little) but the goal amount. Maybe I’m uninformed, but this seems a bit high. The game is, in total, under 80 cards with a price point of $20. Even factoring in creative costs (you should totally pay your artists), how’s that rack up to 10K?

  • HorridMischief

    Well, at $20 bucks retail per game that means 500 copies sold to reach the 10K goal of the project. (Not counting the higher price points for the limited edition sets etc.) I don’t think selling 500 copies of any given game is reaching too high. In reality I expect it will be more like 300 copies when all is said and done; seems about right to me anyway.