Kicking Butts and Taking Names on Kickstarter

By Polar_Bear
In Crowdfunding
Oct 10th, 2014

KBaTN (short for Kicking Butts and Taking Names) is a new diesel-punk RPG up on Kickstarter with an emphasis on ranged combat.



From the campaign:

This specific RPG will focus very heavily on combat. I have made a combat system based off of your range from the target, so it works really well with guns and ranged weapons. Stuff like that.

This game was designed to be in a diesel punk type setting (think Mad Max), but there is by far enough breathing room to make it for almost any genre (if you don’t take yourself too seriously).

There will be a number of classes, each with a specific class skill they can use. Every level after the first, they gain a skill point. You can put them into a skill on one of their 3 skill trees. This makes it so that each class has a variety of ways they can be used. Each player can make their character how THEY want it.

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  • Dan Paddock

    This is not Dieselpunk. Also the art, oh the art.

    • Soulfinger

      Say what!? I want to marry this game! It is a tabletop RPG that focuses on the first person shooter element of role playing. The combat system sounds really novel in that it is based on a person’s range from their target. You can play a Street Magician, like David Blaine, who can turn invisible or a Cowboy, like Jess Barlowe or Jack McCall from Linda Lael Miller’s sexy cowboy romances. My favorite class is the Guy From His Mom’s Basement. OH SNAP! This designer doesn’t pull his punches! Plus, each turn your character gets a move and an action, so it is like an RPG and a wargame all rolled into one. My sexy cowboy uses his move action to walk ten paces and his action action to say, “Well, howdy pardner.” All this for $20!!!

      And the art? AWESOME! Guy with a gas mask wearing a Hot Dog on a Stick hat with a stealth rifle that is slowly turning invisible set to a blood splatter background. How dieselpunk is that!? LOADS. The guy was like, “Screw this! I’m not serving corn dogs at the mall,” and went on a shooting rampage with the Top Secret stealth gun that his father had been designing for the military. Plus, he is not wearing a shirt, which is the only actual prerequisite for dieselpunk (way more informal than steampunk). Then he meets up with this failed street magician who is only partially invisible and the grotesque attempt at erotic that is Lewis Skolnick’s head on Lou Ferrigno’s body. For $100, I can have MY face on the cover of the book, but I would request Angus Scrimm instead.

  • Prophet89

    I am getting the “Punk” but not the “Diesel.” Since it seems everyone is kickstarting an RPG I would like to announce my new RPG called “One up Soulfinger” where players take the role of members on an internet news site trying make a funnier comment than the entity known only as “Soulfinger The Magnificent” who has yet to be dethroned.

    • Soulfinger

      Dieselpunk is just Steampunk with poor fuel efficiency, and Steampunk is just Cyberpunk for people who don’t bathe properly. My KS BS RPG LOL is coming SOON, real soon, and then everyone will know, they’ll know, that it is I, Baron Vladimir Harkonnen, who encompasses his doom! Woops, accidentally cut and pasted that from all of the source material that I’m plagiarizing. Thanks for the kind words and Suleiman reference (I love all kinds of Ottoman).