Khurasan releases 15mm Phalanx Gunships

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Nov 1st, 2013

Khurasan Miniatures gets your little mans to the battle in style with their new 15mm Phalanx Gunships.


From the release:

The Federal Army and Navy jointly operate many different VTOL craft, some of which are (or may be configured to) enter a planet’s orbit from space for insertion or strike missions. When the Navy operates gunships it is generally in support of SPAR teams.

The chief heavy gunship of Federal forces is the Phalanx Gunship. This craft is the opposite number of the Nova Respublik DOE and carries a very heavy armament — two rapid fire pulse cannons, a dozen superheavy anti-material missiles, and, for anti-personnel purposes, seeker micromissile boxes. For patrol or close support in low intensity combat zones the side panels of the Phalanx’s passenger compartment can be removed and additional weapons can be mounted, either medium pulse weapons or rotary cannons. This is referred to as the Phalanx “A” configuration. Both the Army and Navy SPAR teams use the Phalanx “A” in low intensity combat, where the arrival of the craft overhead can avert disaster for a platoon pinned down by insurgents or space demons.

The Phalanx has a rear passenger compartment and, with the side panels installed (the Phalanx “B” configuration) is capable of carrying up to eight passengers into combat. This is the most common method of inserting SPAR teams into enemy territory.

Many Phalanx Gunships have been upgraded with anti-grav VTOL drives, as reflected in these initial releases, but some units continue to operate Phalanxes with their original ducted-fan engines (which will be future releases).

Phalanx models painted by dwartist (Phalanx-A) and Tim Rich (Phalanx B)

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  • If it’s supposed to look “Chibi” it’s very cute. Like it’s got a weapons purse under it’s arm. Having looked at the website picture I think the angle in this photo is emphasizing that look, but the slanted fins are not helping either way. I can’t make out if it’s a fisheye effect that is exaggurating the size of the loadouts, because the pictures of the Phalanx B makes it look pretty good. Scratching my head here a bit.

  • khurasanminiatures

    As you point out, the photos from the side don’t have a Chibi effect, so yes, it is a bit of a fisheye distortion.

    • What’s the lander ship above the pic of the Phalanx on your page? That thing looks pretty sweet too! I don’t see a listing for it though.