Khurasan releases 15mm BTR-80

By Polar_Bear
In Historical
Mar 4th, 2014

Khurasan has released their new BTR-80 miniature as part of their Modern Russian 15mm line.


From the release:

Ripped from today’s headlines! We are very pleased to release our latest modern armoured fighting vehicle, the Russian BTR-80.

The most common Russian armoured troop transporter, the BTR-80 is also a veteran of many a Cold War proxy struggle, and has been virtually everywhere there’s been conflict around the world for the past three decades. And as a modern vehicle it will also have many uses in Near Future or Sci Fi gaming.

Our kit is well cast in resin and highly detailed with a mixture of resin and pewter parts. The wheels are pewter in fact, giving the kit a heft that plastic lacks.

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  • 4tonmantis

    Anyone looking for these in 28mm, there are a few companies making 1/48 scale BTR-80s.. which should be okay for most 28mm figures.

    • 4tonmantis

      Also, Empress Miniatures has a resin BTR-80 in their modern combat line.

  • Major_Gilbear

    Khurasan are putting out gorgeous stuff!

    I only wish they had a UK distributor though so that I don’t get spanked with international shipping and customs charges. =0(

    • 4tonmantis

      I completely agree.. I know they focus on 15mm but their 28mm vehicles are very nice 😀 I wish their 28mm figures were on that same level :/

      • Major_Gilbear

        I dunno, as a non-15mm gamer, I wouldn’t mind being “baptised” into 15mm by Khurasan. The extra costs of importing though totally ruin the economic benefits of that scale.