Khurasan release Plutonian Avengers

Khurasan Miniatures have added the Plutonian Avengers to their Planet 15 Pulp/Sci-fi range.


From their website:

Our declaring that their home world was not even a planet was the last straw.

Although proud and physically very strong and tough, this warlike race from Pluto was no match for the Martians, who rapidly conquered the dark planet using vastly superior technology. Now they live under the yoke of imperious little green men, of all things, and to make matters worse the conquerors have set about mutating them into weird, mindless beasts with huge claws, the horrifying Plutoluna Mutants, to use as shock troops and cannon fodder in their invasions of more planets.

But when the humans declared that their twilit homeworld was not due the respect of a planet, they had had enough. Overthrowing the local Martian garrison at great personal risk, and loading themselves aboard the saucer-jacked craft, they set out to show the Earthlings who’s a planet and who isn’t. These Plutonian Avengers are bringing some of their unfortunate kin, the Plutoluna Mutants, as well as a few of their Muncher warbeasts, and you know what they say about a few Munchers ….

Generic aggressive alien life forms with shells, some with claws. Models are about 15mm tall to eye. Seven unique models in three different sets. Sculpted by “Whiff Waff.”

  • Plutonian Avengers (three models) $2.49
  • Plutoluna Mutants (three models) $2.49
  • Plutonian High Lord, with Friend (one model) $0.83