Khurasan release Armies of the Penguish Civil Wars

Khurasan Miniatures have released new 15mm Penguin fantasy miniatures, the Armies of the Penguish Civil Wars.


From their website:

These are 15mm-scale penguins (they are approximately 8mm tall), who, being now civilized, have seen fit to form themselves up in Regiments of Flippere (24 shotte with snowballes, 11 doughty pikemen with icicles, and one standardbearere with squid on icicle standard) or Regiments of Seale (ten fierce leopard seales, eighteen carefree, impetuous cavalieres with snowballes, plus a high commander and a standardbearere). Snowballers shoot at the enemy, the Regiments of Seals are (relatively) fast moving as the creatures glide along on the ice, attempting to bowl over the enemy, although the staunch icicle men will poke at the seales and attempt to turn them aside.