Khurasan release 15mm Vespulid Swarm

vespulids.jpgKhurasan Miniatures have added a new pack of 15mm figures to their sci-fi range, the Vespulid Swarm (nine models: nine warriors with ion shotguns and one Drone with two ion shotguns and one ion mortar) $7.99.

From their website:
Since the introduction of the Space Demons to our dimension, the Vespulids have grown greatly in numbers in the galaxy, as the space demon has proven to be the perfect host species for the Vespulid hives. (It is an awesome sight indeed to witness a swarm of Vespulids buzzing around even such mighty creatures as a Space Demon Colossus, incapacitating it with a blizzard of bliding white ion blasts.) The Vespulid menace, formerly localized, is not present all over the galaxy.

Each swarm comes with eight poses of Warriors and one of two randomly chosen poses of the massive Drone swarmleader, which is substantially taller than a normal 15mm model. For multiple-pack orders every effort will be made to assure that a mix of drones is sent.

Flight stands are not provided for the flying poses, but we heartily recommend the acrylic flight rods and bases made by Litko Aerosystems. The little “three prong flight peg topper” is particularly useful to use as a base in conjunction with the various clear flight rods they make.