Khurasan release 15mm fantasy range

Khurasan Miniatures have released a new range of 15mm fantasy figures, The Great Enemy.

Orc pikemen

From their website:

In a heroic past, the ultimate evil — a fallen angel whose black heart covets all — conjures up nightmares to make war on the noble creations of the Gods.

The evil one’s minions include endless columns of vicious orcs who befoul the earth — hordes of close combat warriors, supported by pikemen and archers, led by huge veteran captains. More terrifying still are the Wights, heroes of old buried with armour and weapons in barrows, whose spirits are cruelly manipulated and driven to war by the Great Enemy, for we are told that necromancy is his province.

And yet to come, what horrors from the abyss lead these dark hordes into battle, threatening to overwhelm the fair clans who were awakened by the Gods?