Khurasan Miniatures releases Armored Light Utility Vehicle

By TGN Ross
In News
Mar 29th, 2012

Khurasan Miniatures releases a new 15mm M3918 Polecat Armored Light Utility Vehicle.

From their website:

A sci fi HMMWV-sized vehicle for recon, patrol, and carting the high command about. Kit comes with resin body, pewter wheels, a small gatling gun turret and an eight-missile rack for heavy anti-material work.

  • supervike

    Khurasan does excellent vehicles!

  • 0_0 Eye popping! I very much like the look of this.

  • Kolonel K

    This looks awesome. I’ve been trying not to go 15mm, but my resistance is wavering.

    • I resisted for a long time, gave in last year, and haven’t regretted it. It’s an excellent scale, and figs are highly affordable.

  • I’m tempted to get one or two of these to convert for my Grymn (space dwarfs) but I think they may be a tiny bit too small…

    …Nice work on these though.

  • Very nice but not 25/28mm.

  • Sevej

    15mm is awesome but for one thing: Miniature size vs base width.

    It’s faster to paint, way cheaper, and currently there’s so many choices.

    • I think that’s a plus, not a minus. When you see large 28mm games, it almost looks like a gunpowder-era historical. You should never see miniatures lined up shoulder-to-shoulder in science fiction games. With the average 15mm base being 20mm wide (pennies, washers, or the small slottabases from, and using the same unit coherency rules found in 28mm games, it makes for a far more believable appearance.

      To say nothing of vehicles. 28mm games with vehicles can look like parking lots. 15mm vehicles have actual maneuver room on the same tabletop.

  • P-ko

    Very nice, and since it’s in 15mm it means four of them wont’ crowd the table.