Khurasan Miniatures releases 15mm KILO OUTPOST Pre-Fab Fortification

Khurasan Miniatures releases a 15mm modular sci fi fortification:

From their website:

Hi all, just a quick note to let you know that the 15mm modular sci fi field fortification that we previewed back in November, KILO OUTPOST, is now available.

The starter set is the minumum possible size as we didn’t want to play the guessing game of how big each gamer would like his wall sections to be. Thought we’d leave that up to you — there is a booster set of parapetted wall sections available separately to make the walls longer.

Usual great job by John Bear Ross and a very handsome paintup by the talented Martin of the blog Fire Broadside.

  • lordofexcess

    WOOT!! I hope to see more of this stuff!! To me 15 MM’s real superiority over most other scales is in terrain. Its a large enough scale that you can see some very cool building detail, etc. and potentially even move figures into structures, etc. have working doors perhaps, etc. Yet it isn’t 28 MM size to where a normal sized factory building would take up a 4 x 6 or larger space. 28 MM is the figure scale IMO and I have come to see 15 MM as the terrain scale. I’m glad to see more and more coming out in the scale. I like the solid cast buildings … but I really hope to see more actual structures you can move figures in and out of, etc.

  • Really like this, same with all the Khurasan SF stuff really.