Kharn the Bloody invades the Forge World

By Polar_Bear
In 40K
Feb 8th, 2014

Forge World is taking pre-orders for their new Kharn the Bloody mini over in their webshop.


From the announcement:

Khârn the Bloody, designed by Edgar Skomorowski, is a multi-part resin model displayed on a scenic diorama base, with a smaller removable base for gaming use. This model is provided with the choice of a helmeted or bare head as well as the choice of the Cutter or Gorechild weapons. This model is available to pre-order now and will be despatched from Friday 28th February.

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  • jedijon

    Looks pretty cool.

    That’s a smart move – with detachable gaming bases on a scenic base.

  • Major_Gilbear

    It’s a cool model, but there’s not much there that makes him stand out as a special character sadly. I can’t see that it would be hard to make a much cheaper version that’s extremely similar, even using FW parts. =0/

  • Gallant

    I’ve got to agree with Major_Gilbear. There’s really not enough about it that telegraphs the character’s importance. The sculpting style at GW/FW has gotten so overblown that this doesn’t stand out.

    The secondary figure on this is ridiculous. It’s just a standard marine stuck on at an angle. The effect is that of a really amateurish effort at a painting/conversion entry. It’s even worse than that asinine Angron vignette.

    Also, this thing is a hair under $50USD before shipping. Kids, save your parents’ money and do your own conversion.